The cutting-edge communication solution start-up, Milo™, has launched of The Action Communicator in the Australian market, an innovative re-imagined walkie-talkie, created to make communication seamless during outdoor adventures. Designed for adventure travellers who go off-grid without phone or network connection, the Milo™ Action Communicator is a hands-free communication device that requires

It is no secret that Where Wild Things Roam is a fan of icebreaker, the renowned New Zealand-based natural performance company, but their highly anticipated Autumn/Winter '23 collection has us loving them even more. Featuring a range of industry-leading innovations using merino and natural fibres, icebreaker’s strong commitment to sustainability and

OZTENT has released the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag, allowing camping in all seasons with the latest innovation for campers who want extra-special comfort on cooler nights. The OZTENT REDGUM HOTSPOT™ HEATED SLEEPING BAG XL - the world’s first non-electric heat adjustable sleeping bag. Employing aerospace sleep research, the sleeping