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The cutting-edge communication solution start-up, Milo™, has launched of The Action Communicator in the Australian market, an innovative re-imagined walkie-talkie, created to make communication seamless during outdoor adventures.

Designed for adventure travellers who go off-grid without phone or network connection, the Milo™ Action Communicator is a hands-free communication device that requires no mobile or internet connection to allow users to be in the moment while enjoying multi-way group conversations.

The Californian software company’s Action Communicator is the perfect companion for all outdoor adventures; whether camping, hiking, skiing or exploring new terrains.

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Milo™ is the brainchild of Australian-born founder Peter Celinski, who on a family ski trip was unable to keep up with his children on the slopes. Shouting and using traditional walkie-talkies, Celinski found nothing worked well enough to stay connected on the mountain. This experience, combined with Celinski’s expertise in audio engineering, was what led the Aussie dad to establish Milo™ in the U.S. in 2017.

Backed by a 2017 Kickstarter campaign, Milo™ generated USD$2.5 million in pre-orders within its first 37 days, claiming 5th position on the most funded campaigns at that time. Fast-forward to 2022 and Milo™ won the Time Magazine Best Invention Award and the coveted Red Dot Design award. The company’s total funding to date has now reached USD$18 million. Determined to continue this success and grow its strong community of 65,000 adventurers, Milo™ is innovating the way we communicate.

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Brought to Australia and New Zealand by premium consumer electronics distributor AQIPA, APAC General Manager Christopher Scott is pleased to bring this innovative outdoor tech product to market.

“The Milo offering is a first-to-market proposition when it comes to hands-free outdoor communication technology and one that already has had a groundswell of attention from outdoors enthusiasts in the lead-up to launch this month”, Scott said.

“Whether you’re out racing down the winter ski slopes or surfing along the coastal beaches, we believe that staying connected with your loved ones during all outdoor adventures is vital for safety and overall enjoyment. We’re thrilled to support the Milo launch into the Oceania region.”

The specs

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Contrary to any other tech gadgets, The Action Communicator’s main point of difference is its advanced ability to maintain high-quality audio across long distances and dense terrains, via the company’s own Milo™ Mesh Network. This noteworthy feature is vital in outdoor adventures but crucial life moments – the ones that matter the most.

Hands-free – With a 10 hour battery life, the Action Communicator is unlike traditional walkie-talkies. Its 3-step method enables users to never miss a moment. Simply connect with friends with a touch of a button, clip on your Milo™ onto your clothing and head out.

No phone or wifi needed with the Milo™ Mesh Network – Milo™’s patented mesh network is reliable and enables users to experience long-range connectivity of 1500m depending on the terrain and number of people in a group. The larger the group, the bigger the range.

Advanced wind and background noise reduction – Its 6 directional microphones and sophisticated noise reduction algorithms deliver clear audio no matter the conditions.

Waterproof and rugged – Thoughtfully designed for durability, the Action Communicator can be submerged up to 1m for 30 minutes underwater – perfect for your water activities.

Multi-way voice – Seamless multi-way communication with groups of up to 8 friends.

The Action Communicator is RRP AU$399

Available for purchase online via

Photo Credit: Milo

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