Known for their spectacular flora and fauna, Canada and Alaska continue to attract an ever-increasing number of Australian travellers each year. Webjet Exclusives CEO Brendan Sawyers, said “The Canadian and Alaskan national parks are proving the biggest drawcard for Australian travellers as they cater for our outdoorsy and adventurous nature and

Savvy travellers with a little planning can do more, see more and save more when visiting Northern California's Gold Rush area and national park jewel, Yosemite, during the week. By travelling mid-week to this popular region, adventurers snag lower rates on accommodations, avoid crowds and traffic, and spend more time to

Fine Adrenaline-Inducing fun in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region are an outdoor adventurer’s dream, from adrenaline-inducing thrill rides to memorable, guided excursions, the Pikes Peak region of Colorado offers year-round activities and amazing natural scenery that’s completely snap-worthy. Test the limits at an