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In light of the recent media coverage surrounding climate change, a group of prodigy surfers from Australia have taken matters into their own hands by working to clean up remote beaches on the Island of Hawai‘i. The event marked the 30th annual international coastal clean-up day, and in addition to the prodigy surfers, youth ambassadors from New Zealand and Japan also joined the group. In an effort to stop thinking

Known for their spectacular flora and fauna, Canada and Alaska continue to attract an ever-increasing number of Australian travellers each year. Webjet Exclusives CEO Brendan Sawyers, said “The Canadian and Alaskan national parks are proving the biggest drawcard for Australian travellers as they cater for our outdoorsy and adventurous nature and provide a fascinating contrast to what we find at home.” Inspired by Australia’s love of the

WildArk is delighted to announce that we have partnered with the Igiugig community of Lake Iliamna, Alaska to launch Phase 1 of the project named ‘Grizzly Plains’. This project will secure a vital piece of land on the shore of the Kvichak River, one of the most important rivers in the greater Bristol Bay salmon fishery in South West, Alaska. Bristol Bay is home to the

When you arrive in Curaçao, the first thing you’ll notice is that you think you’ve found Europe. This, as it was to travellers of old, could be a bit of a confusing thing, especially if you’ve spent top-dollar to travel across the world and get away from it all. But that’s where the comparison ends because, in truth, you couldn’t really be further removed from

Savvy travellers with a little planning can do more, see more and save more when visiting Northern California's Gold Rush area and national park jewel, Yosemite, during the week. By travelling mid-week to this popular region, adventurers snag lower rates on accommodations, avoid crowds and traffic, and spend more time to exploring Gold Rush history, the High Sierra mountains, and Yosemite National Park. Eat While the weekend will

Fine Adrenaline-Inducing fun in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region are an outdoor adventurer’s dream, from adrenaline-inducing thrill rides to memorable, guided excursions, the Pikes Peak region of Colorado offers year-round activities and amazing natural scenery that’s completely snap-worthy. Test the limits at an array of exciting attractions. Colorado Ultralights is perfect for small parties and solo travel, this unforgettable