Sometimes better known for its bustling cityscapes, it often comes as a surprise when Australians find out that Japan is home to dozens of national parks (34 to be precise). With diverse scenes ranging from snow-clad mountains to coral reefs, Japan’s varied climates and contrasting seasons make its national parks a

The effects of the coronavirus crisis are being felt hard across the Asia’s tourism industry where elephant- friendly venues are facing collapse. World Animal Protection has launched an urgent appeal to help over 150 elephants in Asia. The appeal aims to assist eleven struggling, elephant-friendly venues in Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia and

Laos, a country traversed by the Mekong River and mountainous terrain, is affectionately known as the Kingdom of a Million Elephants. Centuries ago, the kingdom that made up much of modern-day Laos was called Lan Xang, which translates to "Land of a Million Elephants." These days however, the number is far from