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Wildlife & Conservation

Today is World Wildlife Day, with 2021 celebrating the theme "Forests and Livelihoods: Sustaining People and Planet". The world is being encouraged to #DoOneThingToday to support forest communities and conserve forest wildlife. Forests are not only home to 80% of terrestrial wildlife on earth, but some 350 million people live within or adjacent to forested areas around the world, relying on the various eco-system services provided

The world's largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is currently experiencing one of the most spectacular events to occur on the reef, is the annual synchronised spawning of corals. Likened to an underwater fireworks display, the spectacular display is proof of the future, the development of the next generation and hope for the reef. Coral spawning really is the biggest reproduction show on Earth, but

Every year Rwanda celebrates their newborn baby gorillas by honouring them at a Gorilla Naming Ceremony called Kwita Izina. This year to coincide with #WorldGorillaDay, 24 September 2020, the event is going virtual so everyone around the world can join in to watch this amazing ceremony. The challenges of the current global situation with the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the ceremony to go virtual. Viewers can

On 3 August 2020, two men will set off to traverse some 32,000 hectares of South African bushland for 20 days to raise awareness and donations to relocate 20 endangered rhinos. The passionate and determined sibling team comprising of former British Army Officer David Bozas and conservationist Jonty Bozas, will embark on the journey across the wilds of South Africa’s Zululand for the ‘Wild Again For

The Tasmanian Tiger died out 80 years ago, but their cousin: the poorly-known Tiger Quoll, still survives in small numbers in far North Queensland. To help this threatened Aussie marsupial, a new 4 day tour by Echidna Walkabout has been designed to get Aussies to visit Far North Queensland region, enjoy the wildlife and contribute to research. Conservation travel expert Janine Duffy said that interest in helping

With warm temperatures year-round, Queensland is the ideal place to get in the water and explore the amazing underwater world. What a better way to help spread the message of protecting our world’s oceans than by experiencing it for yourself. From whale encounters to helping baby turtles make a dash for the ocean, there are plenty of options to make your marine life experience count. Here are

One of the leading economic casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak is tourism, and the impacts in Africa from a decimated tourism industry is having ripple effects into rural communities and wildlife conservation across the continent. In an effort to help alleviate hunger in across the local South African communities, a group of friends and top nature guides have collaborated to bring together a collection of amazing

The effects of the coronavirus crisis are being felt hard across the Asia’s tourism industry where elephant- friendly venues are facing collapse. World Animal Protection has launched an urgent appeal to help over 150 elephants in Asia. The appeal aims to assist eleven struggling, elephant-friendly venues in Thailand, Nepal, Cambodia and Laos to provide food, medicine and venue running costs in the short term. World Animal Protection

Entering the new year with the spotlight on Australia’s wildfire tragedy which resulted in the death of some one billion animals is surely a call to action inviting us citizens of the world to unite and begin to take care of ourselves, our planet and its magnificent biodiversity. One way to make a change is to consider traveling with intention. Travel means different things to different people, and luxury

Newly opened Wilderness Safaris’ Magashi Camp, is strongly rooted in a core purpose: To help contribute towards the conservation and sustainable operation of Rwanda’s last protected savannah ecosystem, and to drive sustainable ecotourism in the wildlife-rich Akagera National Park.  Launched in partnership with African Parks and the Rwanda Development Board, collectively called the Akagera Management Company (AMC), Magashi forms part of Wilderness Safaris’ objective to build sustainable conservation economies