Novotel and WWF Global Ocean Conservation Partnership

Novotel, a cornerstone brand of Accor, is embarking on a groundbreaking journey to safeguard our oceans through a robust partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). This alliance, set to span from 2024 to 2027, is not merely a corporate initiative but a bold commitment to the planet’s most vital ecosystems.

As seasoned travellers, you understand the profound connection between the health of our oceans and the well-being of our planet, and Novotel’s latest endeavour speaks directly to that intersection.

Embracing the Blue Planet

Novotel’s latest partnership with WWF isn’t just about surface-level changes; it’s a deep dive into ocean conservation, promising significant impacts across their 580 hotels worldwide. Over the next three years, WWF France will lend its technical expertise to guide Novotel in implementing science-based actions and conservation projects. This includes a focus on reducing marine pollution, combating overfishing, and enhancing scientific research for ocean health—three critical actions identified by the United Nations.

Ghost fishing net discarded by fishermen causing widespread damage to a coral reef in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar

The Positive Impact Plan: Four Pillars for a Sustainable Future

At the heart of this initiative is Novotel’s Positive Impact Plan, which outlines a comprehensive approach to balancing the brand’s environmental footprint:

Reduce Plastic, Water & Carbon Footprint: Hotels will adopt rigorous action plans to minimize their use of plastics, water, and energy, thereby reducing their overall pressure on natural resources.

Sustainable Food Choices: Novotel aims to overhaul its food and beverage operations by reducing meat and fish consumption, cutting down on food waste, and adhering to sustainable seafood policies.

Enhance Education & Ocean Awareness: Efforts will be made to educate guests, staff, and local communities about the importance of ocean conservation and how they can contribute positively.

Research & Innovation: Partnering with NGOs, Novotel will invest in sustainable innovations, ensuring continuous improvement in their environmental practices.

    A Shared Vision for Ocean Health

    The partnership’s objectives are ambitious and vital:

    Sustainable Seafood Policies: Developing and implementing sustainable seafood supply chains for all Novotel hotels.

    Awareness Raising: Engaging guests and employees in ocean conservation efforts through education and advocacy.

    Policy Advocacy: Inspiring industry and policymakers to prioritize ocean preservation.

    Biodiversity Conservation: Supporting WWF’s flagship projects to protect marine ecosystems globally.

    On-the-Ground Impact

    Novotel’s commitment extends beyond strategic planning to tangible actions. WWF’s site visits to Novotel properties will provide insights into current practices and help tailor recommendations. Essential conservation projects include:

    Protecting Posidonia: This Mediterranean flowering plant is crucial for carbon sequestration and supports 25 marine ecosystems.

    Removing “Ghost Gear”: Identifying and eliminating abandoned fishing gear that poses a deadly threat to marine life.

    Blue Panda Boat: WWF’s vessel will continue its Mediterranean missions, safeguarding cetaceans and educating the public.

    Tracking Marine Turtles: Monitoring turtles in the Asia-Pacific to protect critical habitats and populations.

    Sustainable Fishing in the Western Atlantic: Strengthening regional cooperation to protect vulnerable sea turtle species.

    Image Credit – Accor

    Leading the Charge

    Karelle Lamouche, Chief Commercial Officer of Accor’s Premium, Midscale & Economy Division, articulates Novotel’s vision: “We are starting a bold new ambition, championing a sustainability cause globally. Novotel has a longstanding commitment to innovation and balance, and we now take that commitment further by helping the greatest source of balance on our planet – the ocean.”

    This sentiment is echoed by Yann Laurans, Conservation Director at WWF France, who emphasizes the critical need to protect ocean biodiversity. Through this partnership, WWF aims to leverage its expertise to drive operational change within Novotel, creating a ripple effect that benefits the oceans and the broader environment.

    A Legacy of Sustainability

    Accor’s history of sustainable innovation lays a strong foundation for this partnership. From supporting the Energy Observer to collaborating with Fondation de la Mer, Accor has consistently demonstrated its commitment to maritime conservation. The group’s pledge to eliminate single-use plastics and promote responsible fishing aligns perfectly with Novotel’s new initiatives.

    A Call to Action

    As travellers who value the richness of our natural world, you are invited to join Novotel in this transformative journey. By choosing to stay at Novotel, you become part of a larger movement to protect our oceans. This partnership is not just a corporate initiative; it’s a call to action for all of us to contribute to a sustainable future.

    In the words of Brune Poirson, Accor’s Chief Sustainability Officer, “Our responsibility is not only to mitigate impact but also to innovate solutions that will help the industry adapt to climate change and its consequences.”

    As Novotel and WWF navigate this new chapter, their combined efforts promise a brighter, bluer future for our oceans. And for those who roam the wild and cherish its wonders, this partnership is a beacon of hope and a testament to the power of collective action.

    Kate Webster is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself but the world around her. This has inspired Kate to translate those moments and share them through her storytelling. A dedicated David Attenborough and Jane Goodall fan, Kate has delved into the world of wildlife and conservation travel to bring awareness.