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World Animal Protection has introduced a new way you can help save suffering animals around the globe by purchasing some of their newly launched merchandise range. The profits from the merchandise collection help World Animal Protection to protect animals everywhere. The products have been created to spread the World Animal Protection messages through clothing, accessories and homewares. Slogans include 'Wild animals belong in the wild' and

The world's largest coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef, is currently experiencing one of the most spectacular events to occur on the reef, is the annual synchronised spawning of corals. Likened to an underwater fireworks display, the spectacular display is proof of the future, the development of the next generation and hope for the reef. Coral spawning really is the biggest reproduction show on Earth, but

Google announced a global feature which will allow people all around the world to bring life-sized Australian animals into their space using augmented reality – with a quick Google mobile Search. The feature allows you to bring eight, life-sized Aussie animals into your space, allowing people to better visualise the detail, movement and scale of some of Australia’s most iconic creatures. The animals include the koala,

One of the leading economic casualties of the COVID-19 outbreak is tourism, and the impacts in Africa from a decimated tourism industry is having ripple effects into rural communities and wildlife conservation across the continent. In an effort to help alleviate hunger in across the local South African communities, a group of friends and top nature guides have collaborated to bring together a collection of amazing

Conservation efforts to save the endangered mountain gorillas are paying off, with the latest census counting over 1,000 gorillas. This is an increase from the previously counted 800. The count revealed 604 mountain gorillas living in trans-boundary Virunga Massif in the Virunga Mountains. This vast area that covers Rwanda, DR Congo and Uganda, previously counted 480. The remaining mountain gorillas live in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

The environment is set to take centre stage at cinemas around Melbourne, with the Environmental Film Festival Australia (EFFA) announcing its biggest ever program for 2019. From a record 857 films submitted from around the world, the programming team has selected 44 inspiring and thought-provoking films from 18 countries, including feature, short, experimental and – for the first time – even kids’ and youth films!  Where Wild Things Roam is excited

In light of the recent media coverage surrounding climate change, a group of prodigy surfers from Australia have taken matters into their own hands by working to clean up remote beaches on the Island of Hawai‘i. The event marked the 30th annual international coastal clean-up day, and in addition to the prodigy surfers, youth ambassadors from New Zealand and Japan also joined the group. In an effort to stop thinking

In an ambitious effort to save the species from extinction, nine critically endangered black rhino have been relocated from South Africa to Singita Grumeti earlier this month. This groundbreaking relocation was conducted by the non-profit Grumeti Fund, in partnership with the Tanzanian Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA). It is the largest movement of rhino into Tanzania, increasing the national population by almost 10%. The nine rhinos

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria ruled in favour of lions and the National Council of SPCAs (NSPCA) in a ground-breaking judgement handed down yesterday. In the court case between the NSPCA, and the Department of Environmental Affairs and the South African Predator Breeders Association, Judge Jody Kollapen declared the exportation quotas of 800 lion bones in 2017 and 1,500 lion bones in 2018 to be "unlawful and constitutionally invalid". South Africa's controversial

Singita has officially opened Singita Kwitonda Lodge and Kataza House in Rwanda, working to further conserve the rare mountain gorillas. Singita has operated iconic ecotourism lodges and camps in Africa for the past 26 years. The brand’s expansion into Rwanda supports the company’s 100-year purpose to preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations. To this end, Singita has committed to extensive reforestation initiatives in Rwanda, helping to