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India, a country as vast and diverse as a continent, beckons adventurers with promises of unparalleled experiences. From the iconic Taj Mahal to the spiritual essence of Varanasi, India’s allure is irresistible. And when it comes to exploring this multifaceted destination, there’s no better way to do it than with Intrepid Travel, a name synonymous with immersive, responsible, and authentic journeys.

Intrepid’s approach to sustainability in India extends far beyond buzzwords; it’s woven into the very fabric of their operations. From minimizing environmental impact by opting for eco-friendly accommodations to supporting local communities through responsible tourism initiatives, every step of the journey reflects a dedication to leaving a positive footprint.

One of the most remarkable facets of travelling with Intrepid in India is their emphasis on employing and empowering local guides. These knowledgeable guides, intimately acquainted with the labyrinthine streets of Delhi, the serene backwaters of Kerala, or the bustling markets of Mumbai, offer an authentic insider’s perspective. Their passion for sharing their heritage, culture, and traditions is palpable, adding a profound depth to every encounter and unveiling facets of India that guidebooks often miss.

Moreover, Intrepid’s collaboration with local communities ensures that the economic benefits of tourism trickle down to those who call these diverse landscapes home. Whether indulging in a homestay with a Rajasthani family, participating in a cooking class led by a local chef, or witnessing age-old artisanal crafts in action, travellers are invited not merely to observe but to actively contribute to the preservation of India’s rich cultural heritage.

Traversing India with Intrepid Travel is not just about ticking off famous landmarks; it’s an immersive journey that embraces sustainability, fosters genuine connections, and offers a nuanced understanding of this enigmatic country’s multifaceted tapestry. It’s an expedition that leaves travellers not only enriched by experiences but also with a profound respect for the magic that lies within India’s vibrant communities and stunning landscapes.

Roam India with these top picks of Intrepid Tours

While Intrepid has a plethora of tours around India ranging from homestays and short breaks to extended in-depth itineraries, we have hand-picked two remarkable Intrepid tours—the Taj Mahal Extension and Varanasi Homestay Extension—while also sharing valuable insights into travelling through India.

Taj Mahal Extension: A Brush with Eternal Love

India – Taj Mahal at Agra. Photo Credit – Kate Webster


Day 1: Delhi

Day 2: Agra

Day 3: Taj Mahal

Day 4: Delhi

The Taj Mahal, an architectural masterpiece and a symbol of undying love, lures travellers from across the globe. Intrepid’s Taj Mahal Extension takes you on a journey to the heart of this remarkable monument. Beginning in bustling Delhi, you’ll venture to Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend a day exploring this exquisite mausoleum and its captivating history. Then, return to Delhi, a city that effortlessly blends tradition and modernity.

Varanasi Homestay Extension: A Glimpse into Spiritual India

India – Varanasi. Photo Credit – Kate Webster


Day 1: Varanasi

Day 2-4: Varanasi Homestay

Day 5: Varanasi

Varanasi, one of the world’s oldest living cities, is a spiritual epicentre and a microcosm of India’s diverse culture. Intrepid’s Varanasi Homestay Extension immerses you in the essence of this city, offering a unique opportunity to stay with a local family and witness life along the Ganges River. Participate in sunrise rituals, explore the winding alleys, and experience the spirituality that defines Varanasi.

Travel Tips for India

India – Varanasi. Photo Credit – Kate Webster

Pack Smart: Light, breathable clothing is a must, but don’t forget to cover up appropriately when visiting religious sites.

Stay Hydrated: The Indian climate can be scorching; carry a reusable water bottle and drink bottled or purified water.

Cuisine Adventure: Try local street food, but be cautious about hygiene. Opt for busy stalls with a high turnover of customers.

Respect Local Customs: India is diverse, and customs vary. Research and respect local traditions, especially when visiting temples and rural areas.

Haggling: Bargaining is common in markets, so don’t be afraid to negotiate prices.

Beware of Scams: Be cautious of scams, especially involving guides and touts. Stick with reputable tour operators like Intrepid.

Currency Exchange: Use ATMs for currency exchange, and inform your bank of your travel plans to avoid card issues.

Health Precautions: Consult a healthcare professional for recommended vaccinations and carry a basic first-aid kit.

Traffic Awareness: Traffic in India can be chaotic. Exercise caution when crossing roads and consider local transportation options.

Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover unexpected events.

Roaming India with Intrepid is an invitation to explore a land of contrasts, where ancient traditions meet modern aspirations. Whether tracing the grandeur of the Taj Mahal or delving into the spirituality of Varanasi, these journeys offer an unforgettable glimpse into the soul of India. So, embark on this adventure with Intrepid and let the subcontinent’s magic unfold before you.

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