Intrepid Travel launches Exclusive Quarry Trail Tour in Peru

In an unprecedented move, Intrepid Travel has set a new benchmark in Peru’s travel landscape by becoming the first company to introduce an exclusive tour on the legendary Quarry Trail. Offering a fresh perspective on this hidden gem nestled within the breathtaking Andes Mountain region, the Quarry Trail has emerged as a captivating alternative to the well-trodden Inca Trail, culminating at the illustrious Machu Picchu, an emblem of the ancient Incan Empire’s majesty. Collaborating closely with a local Peruvian community, Intrepid Travel is elevating the adventure quotient with a remarkable addition to this already remarkable trail.

Spanning a span of 26 kilometres, the Quarry Trail commences its journey in the enchanting town of Ollantaytambo before meandering through the awe-inspiring peaks and idyllic villages of the Sacred Valley. However, thanks to the groundbreaking partnership forged between Intrepid Travel and the local community, a previously unseen section of the trail has been unveiled, presenting intrepid explorers with an unprecedented opportunity for discovery and wonder.

Intrepid Travel quarry trail hike. Photo: Intrepid Travel

Beginning in 2024, Intrepid’s Peru itineraries will feature an exhilarating four-day Quarry Trail experience that begins with an invigorating 15-minute climb to the summit of Qory Sonq´o hill. This vantage point reveals a breathtaking vista that encompasses three magnificent valleys – Soqma Perolniyoc, Pachar, and Huarocondo. With the Andes Mountains as a majestic backdrop, travellers will be transported to a realm of pure natural splendour. Moreover, at this elevated vantage point, they will encounter ancient skeletal remains and original tomb structures, transporting them back in time and offering a tantalizing glimpse into the region’s rich historical tapestry.

Intrepid Travel’s commitment to responsible tourism development is further underscored by their unwavering dedication to supporting the surrounding community. For each traveller embarking on the Quarry Trail, Intrepid Travel will make a significant donation that will contribute to the ongoing preservation and safeguarding of this sacred area. By aligning their efforts with the local community, Intrepid Travel ensures the longevity of this remarkable trail for future generations to cherish and appreciate.

Intrepid Travel quarry trail hike. Photo: Intrepid Travel

This trailblazing initiative is a testament to Intrepid Travel’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability within the tourism industry. The company’s close collaboration with local communities has fostered robust partnerships aimed at nurturing and preserving the future of tourism in the region. Just last year, Intrepid played a pivotal role in the discovery and unveiling of the Great Inca Road, a mesmerizing 12-day trek along lesser-explored trade routes interwoven with the Inca empire in the Andes. This serves as a testament to their resolute determination to safeguard Peru’s invaluable cultural heritage.

As Intrepid Travel continues to redefine the boundaries of authentic and responsible travel experiences, adventure seekers can eagerly anticipate embarking on this newly unveiled section of the Quarry Trail. By immersing themselves in this captivating journey, they will be treated to awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient wonders, and genuine connections with the local community.

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