Prodigy Surfers Clean-Up Coastlines

In light of the recent media coverage surrounding climate change, a group of prodigy surfers from Australia have taken matters into their own hands by working to clean up remote beaches on the Island of Hawai‘i.

The event marked the 30th annual international coastal clean-up day, and in addition to the prodigy surfers, youth ambassadors from New Zealand and Japan also joined the group.

In an effort to stop thinking and start acting, these youth ambassadors (Aged from 12 – 18 years) were joined by not-for-profit organisation Sea Cleaners and legendary big wave surfer Shane Dorian, who is based on the Island of Hawai‘i with his family.

As the Pacific Ocean connects Hawai‘i to Australia, this project was significant as it showed how our actions can affect the shorelines of neighbouring islands across the pacific due to the currents.

Video footage of Captain Hayden Smith of Sea Cleaners:

Video footage of Youth Ambassador giving her advice for the future:  

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