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From kayaking with orcas off Vancouver Island to cycling the 'Rum Runners Trail' in Nova Scotia, adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions, has launched four new trips to add to its diverse range of active Canadian adventures. Kayaking with Orcas is a new, 7-day kayaking expedition in the Johnstone Strait, off Vancouver Island, where pods of orca whales congregate during the summer to feed, socialise and rub themselves on the pebble beaches.

Bison, belugas and bears, oh my! When you encounter one of these special creatures in the province of Manitoba, central Canada, time seems to stop and the real world falls away. The exhilaration almost makes you forget to pick up your camera as you come eye-to-eye with some of nature's most curious and majestic creations. Read on to find out how you can come face-to-face with Manitoba's

Known for their spectacular flora and fauna, Canada and Alaska continue to attract an ever-increasing number of Australian travellers each year. Webjet Exclusives CEO Brendan Sawyers, said “The Canadian and Alaskan national parks are proving the biggest drawcard for Australian travellers as they cater for our outdoorsy and adventurous nature and provide a fascinating contrast to what we find at home.” Inspired by Australia’s love of the