WildArk adds Bristol Bay, Alaska to projects

WildArk is delighted to announce that we have partnered with the Igiugig community of Lake Iliamna, Alaska to launch Phase 1 of the project named ‘Grizzly Plains’.

This project will secure a vital piece of land on the shore of the Kvichak River, one of the most important rivers in the greater Bristol Bay salmon fishery in South West, Alaska. Bristol Bay is home to the largest natural salmon fishery in the world.

The Grizzly Plains project, led by the people of Igiugig, will be looking at increasing conservation, cultural, education and ecotourism initiatives across their homeland to help preserve the incredible biodiversity of the region, with grizzly bears, wolves, bald eagles, caribou and moose just some of the iconic species that share the land with the people.

Grizzly Plains Conservancy is located on the shores of the Kvichak River, one of the most important rivers in the greater Bristol Bay Salmon fishery – an area of 40,000 square miles in South West, Alaska.

This Arctic Tundra wilderness is made up of an intricate system of rivers, lakes, wetlands and forest. It is home to the largest and most productive natural Salmon fishery in the world with up to 40 million salmon including all five species Sockeye, Chinook, Coho, Chum and Pink Salmon, swimming up its rivers each year.

It is one of the most pristine ecosystems on earth.

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Kate Webster is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself but the world around her. This has inspired Kate to translate those moments and share them through her storytelling. A dedicated David Attenborough and Jane Goodall fan, Kate has delved into the world of wildlife and conservation travel to bring awareness.