icebreaker’s latest collection for 2023

It is no secret that Where Wild Things Roam is a fan of icebreaker, the renowned New Zealand-based natural performance company, but their highly anticipated Autumn/Winter ’23 collection has us loving them even more.

Featuring a range of industry-leading innovations using merino and natural fibres, icebreaker’s strong commitment to sustainability and recent partnership with UPPAREL, a leading textile recycling company, further enhances our love for their eco-friendly practices.

icebreaker’s Autumn/Winter ’23 collection is a testament to the brand’s continued innovation and commitment to natural performance apparel. With the Shell+TM jacket, MerinoLoftTM puffer jackets, and RealFleeceTM collection, adventurers can enjoy functional, eco-friendly, and stylish outdoor gear. By incorporating sustainable practices and partnering with UPPAREL, Icebreaker sets a high standard for the industry and invites consumers to join a movement towards choosing natural products and preserving the planet for future generations.

Our favs in the range

Mens 200 Oasis LS Crewe Gritstone, Men ZoneKnit™ Shorts, Mens 200 Oasis Leggings Black

Icebreaker’s Autumn/Winter ’23 collection offers a variety of standout items that combine functionality, comfort, and sustainability. While it is hard to pick out just a few favourites, we looked at some of the most versatile products in the range. You can view the full range at

Shell+TM jacket

Merino Shell+™ Hooded jacket Shine 0A56GV547​ Merino Shell+™ Hooded jacket Flash

One remarkable innovation in the collection is the Shell+TM jacket, which stands as Icebreaker’s first-ever 100% natural outer layer that is water-repellent and wind resistant. Crafted from pre-stretched natural fibres woven together to create a dense fabric, the Shell+TM jacket offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to synthetic jackets. For snow activities, adventurers can opt for the Shell+TM Hooded Jacket (AU$ 899.99 / NZ$ 999.99) or the Shell+TM Pants (AU$ 719.99 / NZ$ 799.99) for optimal protection against the elements.

MerinoLoftTM collection

Men MerinoLoft™ Jacket Black.

Another notable addition to the range is the MerinoLoftTM collection, which provides a natural alternative to traditional puffer jackets. These jackets utilize merino wool insulation, offering a high warmth-to-weight ratio suitable for cold-weather activities. A standout piece in this line is the MerinoLoftTM Jacket (AU$ 539.99 / NZ$ 599.99), designed for snow activities and hiking in colder conditions. Additionally, the MerinoLoftTM Vest (AU$ 389.99 / NZ$ 429.99) serves as an excellent choice for hiking in colder weather. The MerinoLoftTM Collingwood II Jacket (AU$ 629.99 / NZ$ 699.99) is a versatile option that combines everyday style with a natural performance.

RealFleeceTM collection

RealFleece™ Sherpa LS Zip Ecur Hthr/Snow

Icebreaker’s commitment to sustainability is further exemplified by the RealFleeceTM collection. This range features jackets, vests, and accessories made from authentic brushed Merino fleece, providing a warm and soft feel. Unlike most “fleece” products made from plastic, Icebreaker’s RealFleeceTM uses merino wool fibres loosely spun into a fluffy yarn, creating a cosy shearling fabric. The AW23 collection introduces the RealFleeceTM High Pile line, which includes the RealFleeceTM High Pile Long Sleeve Zip (AU$ 639.99 / NZ$ 699.99), RealFleeceTM High Pile Long Sleeve Zip Hood (AU$ 899.99 / NZ$ 999.99), RealFleeceTM High Pile Long Sleeve Zip Cardigan (AU$ 539.99 / NZ$ 599.99), RealFleeceTM High Pile Mittens (AU$ 89.99 / NZ$ 99.99), and RealFleeceTM High Pile Scarf (AU$ 149.99 / NZ$ 159.99). These products combine warmth, style, and comfort, making them ideal for urban adventures, cold-weather layering, and mountain escapades.

Sustainability boost with UPPAREL


Icebreaker’s partnership with UPPAREL further emphasizes its commitment to sustainable practices. By introducing recycling bins in their Touch Lab stores and accepting pre-loved clothing donations, Icebreaker enables consumers to contribute to a circular economy. UPPAREL then transforms these donated garments into unique recycled fibres, which are used to create products such as home insulation, couch cushioning, and pet beds. Moreover, customers who make a donation at Icebreaker stores receive a $10 store credit, promoting and rewarding responsible consumption.

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