icebreaker ZoneKnit™ Hoodie and Tee

Icebreaker has introduced their new season ZoneKnit™ range, featuring hoodies with full and half zip, vests and tees for both men and women.

Icebreaker founder, Jeremy Moon, launched icebreaker to offer people a natural alternative to synthetic outdoor apparel. Soon a bigger opportunity emerged: to disrupt the outdoor industry from unsustainable petrochemicals to more sustainable, nature-based solutions.

The products take a fibre from nature that is designed to keep an animal alive – a merino sheep – and transforms it into a high-performance natural clothing system to keep humans alive in nature. Sustainability isn’t just a feature of the Icebreaker products, it’s in the values and design of the business. Icebreaker is about icebreaking.

The ISPO award-winning ZoneKnit™ uses body-mapping technology to insulate you where needed while being highly breathable with targeted ventilation areas and a movement-focused fit.

Where Wild Things Roam loves everything about icebreaker’s core values and philosophy, so we had high expectations of the actual product. This didn’t disappoint, as we took the men’s and women’s hoodies and tee for a test drive, and this is what we found.

ZoneKnit™ Merino Insulated Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie

With the Merino Insulated Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie, you will be primed for adventure – from hitting the snow slopes to hiking the peaks. It is designed to keep you comfortable when you’re active, with the ZoneKnit™ innovative body-mapping technology to deliver targeted thermoregulation during high-intensity adventures.

The fully fashioned technology means no cut and sew, it is all one piece. Designed to be a warm, insulated mid-layer, we found the hoodie to be sufficient enough to combat cold winter days without an outer layer. It has a quilted front and hood made from heavyweight Merino yarn offering warmth where you need it, plus a movement-focused slim fit. Other features include zip-up hand pockets and an internal pocket, perfect for storing essentials safely.

The only fault we could find is the women’s hoodie had sleeves that were just a tad too long, meaning they had to be rolled at the cuffs to avoid catching them.

The ZoneKnit™ Merino Insulated Long Sleeve Zip Hoodie is available for men and women in colours Black, Metro Heather/Black.

RRP: AUD$449.99

ZoneKnit™ Tee

Icebreaker ZoneKnit™ Tee is breathable without feeling plastic like other breathable shirts. It is naturally lightweight making it perfect for high-intensity activity. With the tee, ZoneKnit™ is placed on the back and the lower front part with a breathable eyelet to wick moisture away and provide ventilation to ultimately keep you cool, but also keep you smell-free. Yes, the engineered zones regulate your body temperature in breathable merino that naturally resists odour. So no more sweaty smells post-hike or adventure. Both the men’s and women’s tee also features Cool-Lite™ at the front, a lightweight and breathable 130gr fabric blend that is designed to wick moisture away from the body.

The ZoneKnit™ Tee is available for men in colours Black, Azul/Haze, Lava/Grape and for women in colours Colour Black, Cosmic/Grape, Haze.

RRP: AUD$119.99

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