World Animal Protection launch merchandise range

World Animal Protection has introduced a new way you can help save suffering animals around the globe by purchasing some of their newly launched merchandise range.

The profits from the merchandise collection help World Animal Protection to protect animals everywhere. The products have been created to spread the World Animal Protection messages through clothing, accessories and homewares. Slogans include ‘Wild animals belong in the wild’ and ‘Don’t sell our wildlife’. The imagery of lions, pythons, elephants, dolphins, pangolins and rhinos all feature in the collection.

World Animal Protection is encouraging supporters to show off their pieces by tagging @worldanimalprotection on Instagram.

You can pick up some gear at the store

Every day billions of animals experience unbearable suffering. World Animal Protection moves the world to protect animals because the life of every animal counts. A global animal welfare organisation, World Animal Protection have been campaigning for over 50 years to end animal cruelty and suffering.

Right now, they are prioritising issues where change can transform the lives of the greatest number of animals by overhauling the global food system and ending the cruel exploitation of our Planet’s wildlife. As people face urgent issues like the global pandemic, climate emergency and depleting natural resources, World Animal Protection give animals a voice and ensure their needs are met.

Though the challenge is great, World Animal Protection’s determination is greater.

So far, the amazing work of World Animal Protection has moved the African Union to protect the lives of 100 million dogs from rabies through its Animal Health Strategy, saved 370,000 animals from suffering in 10 disasters across seven countries, protected more than 2 million pigs from painful tooth clipping procedures through our work with CP Foods in Thailand, persuaded 31 travel companies to commit to phasing out all cruel wildlife attractions and worked with their partner BRC so that no bear baiting events were held in Pakistan. 

Some of World Animal Protection’s ambassadors, including actress Susie Porter, in Australia, and personal trainer and social justice campaigner Richie Hardcore, in New Zealand, have helped promote the collection on their social channels.

So grab yourself some gear and you can help promote this worthy cause too.

Kate Webster is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself but the world around her. This has inspired Kate to translate those moments and share them through her storytelling. A dedicated David Attenborough and Jane Goodall fan, Kate has delved into the world of wildlife and conservation travel to bring awareness.