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Papua New Guinea

Travel that gives back in Papua New Guinea

  • Editor | Kate Webster
  • March 9, 2020

Ever since their first tour in 2007, South Sea Horizons has been conducting low impact tours at a local level across Papua New Guinea and the Pacific. The Papua New Guinean owned and operated company continues to offer authentic Papua New Guinean experiences and insight into areas only the true locals know. They can do…

Trek PNG’s Kokoda Trail in 2020

A place of ANZAC reverence and of personal challenge, the Kokoda
Trail has been a place of pilgrimage for travellers for many decades.

South Sea Horizons has been leading groups…

Roam with Intrepid in Papua New Guinea

Intrepid has always promoted positive and meaningful
exchanges between travellers and the local places and people they visit. With a
focus on respecting different cultures and respecting local religions, religious
places and…

Dive into Papua New Guinea

Located in the heart of the coral triangle,
Papua New Guinea offers some of the worlds best diving.

There are two locations in particular that
stand out, for their remoteness and…