Wild hikes in Esperance

Esperance has everything to offer travellers looking to get out in nature and roam in the wild with its remote and beautiful surroundings.

The idyllic coastal town with its stunning white sandy beaches and national parks is a hiker’s paradise. Whether you are a regular hiker or more of a casual stroller, Esperance offers a variety of different bush, beach and wetland trail experiences.

Here are some the top 6 hikes around Esperance.

The Great Ocean Pathway (West Beach to Twilight Cove)

Distance: 7km (one way)

Time: Allow 2 hours

Classification: Moderately easy

The Great Ocean Pathway meanders around the coastline of Esperance, on the south side of town. This well maintained bitumen track is very popular with local walkers, runners, and cyclists. The trail currently finishes at Twilight Beach and can be accessed from a number of different beach car parks along its length to provide a variety of distance options.

Frenchman’s Peak Trail

Distance: 3kms (return)

Time: Allow 1-3 hours hard walking

Classification: Difficult

A walk to the summit up the east slope of Frenchman’s Peak is rewarded with panoramic views over the National Park, the southern coastline and the islands in the Recherché Archipelago. The trail surface is made up of gravel paths, wooden boardwalks and exposed granite. Don’t attempt this climb when it’s raining as the rock can become very slippery, and take a jumper with you if it’s a cold day because the cave up the top can be quite windy, especially during the winter months.

Cape Le Grand Coastal Trail

Distance: 17kms (one way)

Time: Allow 8-9 hours, or multiple days

Classification: Moderately difficult

The Coastal Trail is a spectacular but hard 17 kilometre (one way) walk trail. Walkers can hike from bay to bay, enjoying excellent coastal views and colourful wildflowers (in spring). This trail is ideal as a multiple day walk, taking approximately 2 days to complete, however it can also be done in a shorter time frame of approximately 8-9 hours.

The track runs from Le Grand Beach to Rossiter Bay (or visa versa), with additional access points at Hellfire Bay, Thistle Cove,  and Lucky Bay, and as such can be broken into four shorter sections:

Le Grand Beach to Hellfire Bay

Time: Allow 3 hours (one way)

Classification:  Difficult

Hellfire Bay to Thistle Cove

Time: Allow 2-3 hours (one way)

Classification: Difficult

Thistle Cove to Lucky Bay

Time: Allow 1 hour (one way)

Classification:  Moderately easy

Lucky Bay to Rossiter Bay

Time: Allow 2-3 hours (one way)

Classification: Moderately easy

Stokes Inlet Heritage Walk Trail

Distance: 2.8km (one way)

Time: Allow 1-2 hours

Classification: Easy

The Stokes Inlet Heritage Walk Trail has on-site plaques describing the changes which have occurred over the years to the inlet environment. Two lookouts along the way provide a sweeping view over the estuary.

Woody Lake Nature Reserve

The Woody Lake Nature Reserve is part of a wetland network that supports a variety of wildlife on the south coast. The Lakes are a wonderful place to explore and take in the peaceful surrounds of the paperbark trees and prolific birdlife, such as ducks, pelicans, swans and egrets.

Kepwari Walk Trail

Kepwari is the local Aboriginal word for ‘place of moving water’ and this interpretive walk trail is designed to be a learning experience with bird hides and seating along the way. A short drive from town, and nestled out of the wind, this trail is perfect for families with young children. We recommend you take insect repellent with you.

Distance: 7km (return)

Time: 2.5 hours

Classification: Easy

Esperance Lakes Canoe Trail

The Esperance Lakes Canoe Trail is a wonderfully relaxing way to appreciate the peace, beauty and birdlife of the Esperance Lakes system on a paddle craft.  June to December, when water levels are at their highest, is the best time to attempt this trail. Canoes can be launched at the Woody Lake boat ramp or at the Lake Wheatfield car park. Reflective trail markers are placed at intervals every 200 meters or so to help you navigate your way. Follow the markers and stay on the trail at all times. Times will depend on the route taken and wind conditions.

Lake Wheatfield to Windabout Lake

Distance: 5.5km (one way)

Classification: Moderately easy

Lake Wheatfield to Woody Lake

Distance: 2.5km (one way)

Classification: Moderately easy

Woody Lake to Windabout Lake

Distance: 3km (one way)

Classification: Moderately

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