SupaCore Coretech Leggings

Avid sportspersons look no further for the perfect compression clothing to get you through tough workouts and strenuous sports, as SupaCore Coretech leggings are here to support you.

Not only are SupaCore Coretech leggings ideal for sportspersons, they are also helpful for those recovering from injury, those susceptible to injury, and new mothers (post-partum) wanting a speedy recovery.

Photo: Supacore

Why You Need TheM

The compression benefits you will experience when wearing these leggings are vast, with a noticeable improvement in circulation, a reduction of muscle soreness, less muscle oscillation, and speedy muscle recovery after vigorous exercise.  The Coretech leggings help to relieve pain, and assist in the recovery of injuries to the lower back, hamstrings, and groin area, and they can be worn for up to 24hours.


Photo: Supacore

SupaCore Coretech aren’t your everyday leggings, there are a ton of features bundled into this seemingly simple item of clothing.

  • The waistband has patented technology woven into a sacroiliac joint belt
  • The compression is medical grade
  • Comfort and durability are obtained through seamless knitting technology (also creates less waste)
  • Covering the hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps, hip and tensor fasciae latae, is ribbing technology that provides a micro massage.
  • The material wicks moisture away and quick dries.

Why You’ll love THEM

If the innovative design isn’t reason enough to love these leggings, they are also registered as a medical item through the Union and Therapeutic Good Administration which means you might be able get a Private Health Fund Rebate with your purchase, if you meet the requirements.

Not only are the SupaCore Coretech leggings comfortable and supportive, they are also look great, with a graphic company logo on the hips that makes them stand out from the crowd. They are also available in a few colour combinations

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