Otter Box Defender Series Screenless Edition Case

There is nothing worse than worrying about your phone while you’re out adventuring. Like times when you’re hiking and want to grab your phone out of your backpack for a quick photo opportunity, but worry takes over that you might drop it, so you leave it in the bag.

Thanks to Otter Box top of the line protection, Galaxy S8 Defender Series Screenless Edition Case, you don’t have to fear damaging your phone, and can get back to taking in your surrounds stress-free.

Photo: Otter Box

Why you need it

The Galaxy S8 Defender Series Screenless Edition Case has Certified Drop+ Protection, which guards phones against hard drops and harsh scrapes. So if you knock, fumble, or drop your phone, you will be spared a mini heart attack in knowing everything will be okay.

Photo: Otter Box


  • The Defender Series Screenless Edition Case has been redesigned to accommodate the curved display screen of the Galaxy S8, by keeping it the case open.
  • The case also has silicone protection over the ports of the phone, so that dust, dirt, and grime doesn’t clog up the ports.
  • The outer shell of the case has quite a strong and firm exterior, and the interior is flexible with a soft pad, to protect phones from hard falls.
  • As the case is screenless, you will need screen protection, therefore it has been designed to be compatible with the Alpha Glass screen protector. Alpha Glass is made from fortified anti-shatter glass, which retains touch sensitivity of the screen for easy use.
  • It also comes with a belt clip attachment for when you’re on the go, but it can also double as a media stand for watching videos on your phone.


Photo: Otter Box

Why you will love it

The sleek and clean design comes in a variety of colour options, such as mint, black, purple, navy blue, and grey. But more importantly the Defender Series Screenless Edition Case with enrich your life by helping you enjoy the moments of everyday life, not only when adventuring; especially if you are accident prone, or have a bad record with damaging your phone.

For added protection, add the Alpha Glass screen protector. The fortified, anti-shatter glass defends the display while reactive technology retains touchscreen sensitivity and is compatible with OtterBox Defender Series, Commuter Series and Symmetry Series cases for Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

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