Aussie Tiger Quoll conservation tour in Far North Queensland

The Tasmanian Tiger died out 80 years ago, but their cousin: the poorly-known Tiger Quoll, still survives in small numbers in far North Queensland.

To help this threatened Aussie marsupial, a new 4 day tour by Echidna Walkabout has been designed to get Aussies to visit Far North Queensland region, enjoy the wildlife and contribute to research.

Conservation travel expert Janine Duffy said that interest in helping wildlife is at an all-time high in Australia after this year’s bushfires, and while far North Queensland wasn’t burnt, much of the habitat of the Tiger Quoll in NSW & Victoria was, making the North Queensland population more important than ever.

“Who wouldn’t like to go back in time and help Tasmanian Tigers survive?” Janine Duffy asked.

“We can’t, but we can help one of their cousins, the Tiger Quoll, right now. North Queensland is an important site for Tiger Quolls, but much research needs to be done.”

“Fortunately, the local tourism industry is stepping in to give these beautiful animals a helping hand.”

Janine Duffy

Janine Duffy said that Echidna Walkabout’s new tour Quolls & Birds in FNQ is run in partnership with local operator FNQ Nature Tours and the not for profit Australian Quoll Conservancy.

Quolls & Birds in FNQ tour contributes the following:

  • Donation and volunteering with Australian Quoll Conservancy
  • Exclusive access to and critical wildlife surveys on Forever Wild Shared Earth Reserve
  • Donation to Tree Roo Rescue & Conservation
  • Naturalist and Researcher guided throughout
  • 4 days, 3 nights all inclusive at 4 star locally-owned rainforest properties
  • 2 locally-operated boat cruises

Janine Duffy said that Cairns, Atherton & the Daintree, Queensland has a lot to offer Australian travellers this September: Lumholtz’s Tree Kangaroos, Mareeba Rock-wallabies, Platypus, Brolgas, Cassowaries, Wompoo Fruit-doves, Boyd’s Forest Dragons and Saltwater Crocodiles all live there too and will benefit. The towns and people who have lost a whole season’s trade will also appreciate the visitors.

Local tour operator James Boettcher is open for business and looking ahead to a good season for wildlife, conservation and travel.

“September should be a great time to visit FNQ and help our endangered quolls,”

James Boettcher

“COVID-19 is giving Aussies an opportunity to get to know our country and our wildlife better,” James Boettcher said.

The new tour Quolls & Birds in FNQ will run on set dates in September 2020. Tour is 4 days with an optional 5th day, and departs and returns to Cairns. Groups are small: 6 to 10 passengers, and private tours are also available. Bookings and more information here:

More about Tiger Quolls here:

And about the glorious Wompoo Fruit-dove here:

Kate Webster is a world traveller, ocean lover and conservation warrior who is determined to make every moment count for not only herself but the world around her. This has inspired Kate to translate those moments and share them through her storytelling. A dedicated David Attenborough and Jane Goodall fan, Kate has delved into the world of wildlife and conservation travel to bring awareness.