6 Reasons to Visit the Galapagos in the Fall

Given the Galapagos is a hot spot for adventure, wildlife and cruise lovers, Quasar Expeditions, the pioneers of small yacht cruising in the region, has shared their top tips and reasons for visiting the islands in the fall.

Less Crowds, More Relaxation

For travellers who enjoy the luxury of space, and the opportunity to soak up the peace and quiet of nature without being rushed, the fall season presents the best opportunity for that happening. Outside of school holidays, this is when crowds are significantly smaller, thus making cruise excursions more relaxed.

More Flexibility

Along with the more relaxed environment, another benefit of travelling during this less crowded season is not being rushed during the excursions. With fewer travellers looking to have their turn at swimming or snorkelling among sea lions, photographing wildlife, or simply exploring the islands, travellers will be able to enjoy a longer and more personal connection with the Galapagos.

Unrivalled Whale and Dolphin Watching

Whales and dolphins in the waters surrounding the Galapagos Islands are their highest numbers and most active during the fall season. This is the best time for visitors to see multiple species of dolphins, orcas, massive sperm whales, humpbacks, and even the world’s largest animal, the blue whale.

Sun-drenched Mild Weather

One of the biggest advantages of visiting the Galapagos in the fall is the weather. While the Galapagos is always relatively moderate in its temperature changes throughout the year, it does have distinct wet and dry seasons. Between September and December however, the islands experience its mildest and driest season all year, so travellers can expect daytime highs of around 20°C and water temperatures at around 22°C.

Perfect Wildlife Viewing and Photography

Apart from not being too warm or chilly, the comfortable mild weather in the fall also allows for the perfect conditions for viewing and photographing the islands’ robust wildlife, birds and marine animals. With rain being incredibly rare and with light clouds a common occurrence, this is the best time for nature photography and birdwatching. The mild weather also means animals are more active and visible, which is also thanks to the much smaller crowds and less noise.

Nestling Sea Turtles and Penguins

Santa Cruz Island a well-known nesting place for the giant Galapagos sea turtles, and this takes place in the fall. Apart from the turtles, the penguins of the Galapagos are also at their most active during autumn, particularly throughout September when they can be seen nesting on rocks.

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