Australian Outback Airstrips: Air Adventure’s Favourite Five

For more than four decades, Air Adventure Australia’s air safaris have been making guests dreams come true with incredible outback experiences across Australia.

Their luxury Outback Jet covers vast distances in no time at all and their pilots relish in landing right in the heart of the most remote destinations imaginable.

“I’d estimate that we’ve landed on more than 200 different runways throughout Australia”, comments Air Adventure Australia’s Managing Director John Dyer, “From Runway 34 at Sydney’s Kingsford Smith (one of the busiest airports in the world) to Opium Creek Station in the NT that receives less than a handful of planes each year. Regardless of the surface, tarmac, grass or dirt, if the runway is fit for planes, chances are, we have landed there.”

“I would find it very hard to pick a favourite place to land,” admits John, “All of our destinations are remarkable and unique, but if your corner me, I would have to include these in my top five remote airstrips.”

Berkeley River Lodge Private Airstrip, WA

Berkeley River Lodge is only accessible by air.  It is Australia’s most isolated luxury resort, located on the mouth of the Berkeley River, in the East Kimberley region of Western Australia. The raw beauty of the landscape is more than breathtaking, it is almost life changing.  Our jet cruises in for a landing across the untamed Kimberley wilderness, landing a mere 800m meters from our accommodation. Your immersion into this outback adventure begins with a short 4WD trip along the beach, with stunning views out to the Timor Sea. Striking gorges, sandstone cliffs and waterfalls await your exploration.

Bullo River Station, NT 

When you’re on a 500,000acre cattle station and the closet town is a 4.5hour drive – air access is essential. After landing on the dusty airstrip the aircraft taxis guests to the front door of the homestead. This is an incredibly scenic approach lined with gorges, rivers and giant boab trees. However, it is perhaps the warm smile and cold beer guests are greeted with as they disembark, that makes this outback experience even more special.

Jackey Jackey Airfield, QLD (aka Northern Peninsula Airfield) 

Built during World War II, this airstrip in far north Queensland, is the closet airstrip to the tip of Cape York – one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal destinations. From the airfield it is only a one hour scenic 4WD journey through the rainforest to the northernmost tip of Australia. If you flew commercially and landed in Cairns, it would take 28 hours to drive to this amazing location!

Barnbougle Private Airfield, TAS

Perhaps our most frequently visited airstrip over the past 12 months. Barnbougle, in Tasmania, is a haven for golfers and home to Australia’s #2 and #5 Golf Courses. Guests disembark a cool 5-iron from the first tee at Barnbougle Lost Farm and can tee off from these stunning, remote golf courses in as little as 90 minutes after take-off from Melbourne’s Essendon Fields Airport. The eagle-eyed golfer can even assess the run of the greens from the air on the approach to the airfield.

The Dig Tree Airstrip QLD 

This one is for the lovers of Australian history. The Dig Tree is the famous heritage listed Coolabah tree that serves as a memorial for the ill-fated Burke and Wills expedition in 1861. Historically significant, the Dig Tree also serves as a permanent reminder of the pioneering spirit of our fore bearers. The airstrip, running alongside the Cooper River, is perfectly positioned to allow guests to step off the aircraft and easily walk to ‘Camp 65’ and the Dig Tree itself, a much easier trip than the one that Burke and Wills endured.


Travelling with Air Adventure Australia is just as memorable as the adventure itself.  We provide guests a truly unforgettable, authentic outback experience with the added benefit of ensuring luxurious comfort and ease of access to some of Australia’s most amazing and remote destinations.

There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new sun. This is Where Wild Things Roam.