Thailand fight plastic pollution

The Tourism Authority of Thailand has announced their support of the government’s new initiative to fight against plastic pollution.

Thailand’s Department of National Parks, Wildlife & Plant Conservation (DNP) launched the initiative earlier this week, with the goal to encourage visitors to reduce consumption of single-use plastics at all 154 national parks in Thailand.

To raise awareness of the initiative, signs and banners have been constructed and are located in all of Thailand’s national parks, encouraging visitors to act in an environmentally-friendly way, and informing visitors of the harm plastic can do to the environment.

According to Mr Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the importance of protecting Thailand’s environment cannot be understated.

“Thailand is blessed with a landscape abundant in natural beauty,” Mr Supasorn said.

“As such, the TAT calls on all tourists local and international to say no to plastic bags and other single-use items.

“Opt. instead for bags, utensils and drink bottles that can be used again and again.”

According to TAT, the DNP’s fight against single-use plastics is a representation of moving in the right direction to protect Thailand’s natural and scenic beauty now and for the future.

The initiative covers plastic and foam bags, food containers, capped water bottles and utensils – essentially any item that is typically used one time and then thrown away.

The DNP estimates that their fight against plastic pollution will help reduce about three million items of plastic waste.

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