Marine migration tool handy for travel

If you are looking to base your next adventure on what marine life you can expect to see where and when, then the Marine Migration tool is for you.

Those who are looking for inspiration to really get excited about the beauty on their doorstep will only need to take one look at Hayes & Jarvis’ interactive tool, Marine Migration.

The tool tracks exactly where you can spot our native marine life in their natural habit, revealing both the where and the why of sea life throughout the year. 

Top spots for sightings include: 

  • Darwin –  Known for it’s true Australia outback experience, Darwin also provides with turtles, dolphins, and dugongs all in easy viewing range across the north coast.
  • Brisbane – ‘Sunny one day perfect the next’ also appeals to dugongs, spotted wobbegong sharks and southern right whales, all with natural habitats dotted up and down warmer waters.
  • Adelaide – You’ll spot whales who have travelled from Antarctica for feeding to the warm waters on the coast of South Australia during winter to breed.

There is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new sun. This is Where Wild Things Roam.