‘Jaimen Hudson From Sky to Sea’ wins WCFF award

Shot across multiple destinations in Western Australia, the film ‘Jaimen Hudson From Sky to Sea’ has won the award for the Best Drone category at the 2021 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF).

‘From Sky to Sea’ is a film about Jaimen Hudson, whose spectacular aerial whale and dolphin imagery reach hundreds of millions of people online. Unbeknown to most, he is confined to a wheelchair and embarking on the greatest challenge of his life as he begins his quest to become the world’s first underwater cinematographer with quadriplegia. Struggling against the constraints of his disability and the concerns of those around him, Jaimen sets out to prove to himself and the world that nothing will keep him from achieving his dreams. ‘From Sky to Sea’ is his story.

The film fuels strong social impact goals that aim to not only promote and advocate discussions around disability but at the same time, promote interest in the landscapes and wildlife of Western Australia as the film features some of the most stunning cinematography of the Western Australian coastline ever captured on film.

Jaimen Hudson in From Sky to Sea. Credit – Sea Dog TV International Pty Ltd

Four-time Emmy® Award nominee and Director of “From Sky To Sea”, Leighton De Barros, said Western Australia is a very special area to film in due to its isolation and rugged, stunning and natural beauty.

“In particular, the coastal and marine environment. We have 10,000 kilometres of coastline, spanning two oceans and one sea. From the temperate waters of the south to the tropical waters in the north, which remains mostly untouched. Western Australia has an amazing variety of coastal habitats, environments and marine life, it’s truly like no other place in the world.”

Leighton De Barros

Leighton De Barros, said he was proud to have been awarded the winner for the Best Drone category at the 2021 WCFF, and especially proud and happy for Jaimen as it is recognition for his amazing work.

Jaimen Hudson with his drone. Credit – Sea Dog TV International Pty Ltd

The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival was founded in New York City in 2010, by Christopher J. Gervais, FRGS; the WCFF is the only film festival on the planet dedicated to wildlife conservation. The festival’s mission is to inform, engage and inspire audiences about the need and importance for the protection of global biodiversity. In addition to the film festival, WCFF partners with the annual Green Nation Sustainability Conference in São Paulo, Brazil which draws 100,000 attendees. The WCFF also partners with organizations in Australia, China, Mexcio, Nigeria, Russia and European countries. The WCFF has a virtual platform through the WCFF Channel and an extensive education outreach program with secondary, post-secondary institutions and libraries throughout the United States and foreign countries that reaches over 100,000 annually.

In 2021, the festival will celebrate its eleventh year in New York City, screening more than 100 films, including many world premieres, from around the globe on 14 October through to 24 October 2021. The festival draws film producers and scientists from around the world to showcase their films and participate in panel discussions and Q&A’s, representing countries including Australia, Brazil, China, Columbia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Singapore and the United Kingdom to name a few.

“The Film Festival is a personal mission, and an effective means to shed light on the state of some of the most endangered species living on our planet,” WCFF Founder & CEO, Christopher J. Gervais, FRGS said.

Those who cannot attend the festival in New York can tune in to the Virtual Film Festival Event from 5 November to 10 December 2021. Information for this event and how to register will appear on the website wcff.org in late October.

WCFF is in discussions to bring the Film Festival to Australia in late 2022 or 2023 and is calling for expressions of interest from corporate, media and philanthropic sponsors.

Watch the trailer for From Sky To Sea

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