Canon 8 x 25 IS Binoculars

Compact and lightweight, the Canon 8 x 25 IS Binoculars make the perfect choice for travelling and your outdoor adventures.

Don’t let the fact they are the world’s smallest and lightest binoculars fool you for lack of features, as they surely pack a punch with what they offer.

The built in Image Stabilizer eliminates hand-held shake and gives continuous operation for up to 6 hours. Modern and rounded design is both stylish and comfortable to use.

This makes them the ideal asset for travel, sports and wildlife enthusiasts.


The Canon 8×25 IS Binoculars owe their small size, low weight and superb image-stabilising ability to the Tilt Mechanism, the latest in Image Stabilizer technology. This mechanism keeps your subject steady by correcting movements such as hand-shake.

By just pressing the IS button, your viewpoint is held steady so you can keep your eyes on what interests you. To save battery power, the IS optics are driven simultaneously and only use power when the IS button is pressed. This way, your battery power can last continuously up to six hours.

An improvement on previous systems, the Tilt Mechanism uses only one lens element in each barrel to stabilise the image, allowing the optics to be lighter and more compact. As a further refinement, it suppresses chromatic aberrations to reduce colour ‘smearing’ and keep your image clear.

Sizing is everything with these binoculars at just 12cm wide and weighing only 480 grams, it’s the kind of equipment that enables you to make more of your leisure time by capturing your favourite moments effortlessly.


Magnification: 8x

Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 25mm

Real Field of View: 6.6°

Apparent Field of View: 49.5°

Field of View at 1000m: 115m

Why you will love it

These binoculars are a real game changer. Press the image stabilizer (IS) button and everything just smooths out to a crystal-clear image. You can get the higher magnification if you can afford it, but the IS is a quantum leap over anything you have been used to.

RRP: $449.00AUD

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