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Literally at the bottom of the world, stretching across the southernmost tip of Chile and Argentina, Patagonia is one of the most sparsely populated yet geographically and climatically diverse regions in the world. In fact, this expansive territory of 757,000 square kilometres is home to only 1.7 million inhabitants. That’s why anyone visiting Patagonia is likely to be in it for a real sense of adventure. Filled with awe-inspiring landscapes

Adventure travel specialist, World Expeditions, has launched a new trek alongside pristine alpine lakes, glaciers and the jagged rock pinnacles of the world’s southernmost island. Described by Lonely Planet as one of Patagonia’s best treks, the 6 day Dientes Circuit on Navarino Island offers walkers stunning views of jagged mountain peaks, the Beagle Channel, the Chilean town of Puerto Williams, Nassau Bay, the Wollaston archipelago -