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Spend to Save

Your purchase supports wildlife conservation and communities around the world. It will not only create awareness but a percentage of the profits are donated back into select wildlife conservation and community initiatives through Wild Things Roam Organisation.

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Counter-Poaching Collection

The Counter-Poaching Collection is designed to create awareness and show support for counter-poaching teams fighting to save wildlife. Profits from these purchases go directly to supporting select teams on the group through Wild Things Roam Organisation.

Wilderness Collection

The Wilderness Collection is wildlife inspired prints with an artistic flair. Designed by the Where Wild Things Roam team, the collection features some African and Asian animal favourites.

What else do we have ...

Exclusive Membership

Your purchase has gains you membership to the Where Wild Things Roam Tribe. A collective group of people who have one mission at hand. We stand for wildlife and wild places. Here is just some of what your purchase helps towards.


Creating awareness of our causes and initiatives across the planet.


You will be updated with the latest information from around the globe.


Your actions help communities around the world.


We work together to help get the job done where needed.