Stay amongst ancient reindeer nomads in Mongolia 

For the first time, Extreme Bike Tours is offering an off-bike extension tour to its range of guided, motorbike expeditions, beginning with an add-on 4WD and horseback tour to the most remote and roadless corners of Mongolia to get up close and personal with the mysterious reindeer nomads of the Mongolian plains – the Duhka people.

The five-day reindeer nomads extension tour is a once-in- a-lifetime exploration of a culture and civilisation shut off from the world. The Dukha people structure their community and way of life around the reindeer which are shown respect and treated like family.

You will stay in a traditional tepee of the nomads and get to see first-hand the daily routines and traditions of this centuries-old community.

The reindeer nomads extension will run at the end of Extreme Bike Tours’ 11-day Mongolian Adventure tour beginning on August 4, 2018.

The 11-day tour gives thrillseekers the opportunity to open-throttle across Mongolia, the world’s emptiest country, on the back of a 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet.

Boasting 1.6 million square kilometres in space and a population of just three million, Mongolia is the least densely populated country in the world, with only two people per square kilometre. One of the world’s last, true frontiers which few foreigners get to visit, Mongolia straddles ancient, cultural crossroads between east and west – an exotic and fascinating destination for licensed riders and pillion passengers to explore.

Riding between the remote frontier towns of HugnuHaan and Hatgal, the off-the- beaten-track tour will see riders eat around campfires and sleep in traditional Mongolian yurts at ‘ger’ camps along the route which stretches through the some of the world’s most unvisited marvels including 17th century forts, wide open plains, towering mountains and the pristine Lake Huvsgul, one of the 17 ancient lakes around the world at more than two million years old.

The 11-day Mongolian tour, combined with the five-day reindeer nomads extension tour, begins in Ulaanbaatar on August 4, 2018. Including the reindeer nomads extension tour, fares for the Mongolian adventure bike tour begin from US$6050 for licensed riders and US$4450 for pillion passengers.

The cost includes fuel, meals, accommodation and transfers once in Mongolia.

Extreme Bike Tours is one of the world’s leading motorcycle tour companies, offering tours in the Himalayas, Bhutan, Mongolia, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka and Cuba

* Tours and fares are subject to availability and conditions apply. Prices do not include international flights.

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