The SPEAQUA Barnacle + wireless speaker is designed purely for aquatic usage, to survive water, sand and mud.The funky yet rugged features will live up to your most demanding adventures. Through water, sand and mud, the tunes will just keep on playing.

Why you need it 

The SPEAQUA wireless speakers bring more music, more places. Attach it to your surfboard and listen to your favourite tunes, park it by the swimming pool and enjoy your latest playlist. The options are endless. Beats just singing the songs in your head right.


When we say SPEAQUA Barnacle + speakers are waterproof, we mean it. The SPEAQUA Barnacle + Bluetooth signals are able to transmit through water. The Barnacle + memory mode function allows users to store 4GB of music (1,000 songs) directly onto the device allowing you to enjoy continuous play in and out of the water without interruption. The patented design has a built-in suction allowing you to stick it to any smooth surface making it the perfect accessory for your adventurous lifestyle (SUP/ Kayak/Mountain Bike) without forgetting the leisurely jammer (Shower, Poolside, Beach day).

Why you will love it

Not only does it look funky, you will be the envy of all your mates. While they are listening to their wireless speakers back on dry land, a SPEAQUA Barnacle + can go with you anywhere, without worry of it getting destroyed.

Why you will hate it

It is a smaller speaker that packs a punch, but to really get a sound from it you may need multiple units.

For more visit http://www.speaqua.com/shop |

RRP The Barnacle +: $64.99 | The Barnacle: $39.99


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