Roam in the wild, remote Patagonia

Nomade Unique Experiences South America recently announced that their partner, explora will be opening a new luxury property in El Chaltén, Argentinian Patagonia in 2020.

Travel with explora is based on in-depth exploration of the surroundings, the luxury of the essential and a sustainable development.

Explora owns and operates of a host of luxury lodges in remote destinations in South America, and they have been responsible for setting the way for the tourism industry to thrive in the region.

“El Chaltén will offer travellers the opportunity to explore the Andes in Southern part of the continent in experiential luxury. By horse, bicycle, foot and boat you will live the experience in one of the most remote areas on the planet,” said Benjamin Garcia Cantolla, Nomade director, Chilean native and the leading expert in South American travel.

The new explora lodge is located in ‘The Huemules’ natural reserve in Argentinian Patagonia and further enhances the explora philosophy of ‘the art of travel’.

According to Garcia, this is defined by three elements, “Travel to remote locations in the southern part of South America. Experience in-depth exploration – interact and engage whilst being able to stop and appreciate the destination. And luxury which is essential, ensuring you have the things that are truly important.”

With this ‘the art of travel’ set up by explora 25 years ago, it will be possible to experience three countries in their lodge-based experiences, and in four countries through the ‘Traveisas’ (nomadic journeys) that cross the Andes mountain range from Chile to Argentina and Bolivia (and vice versa). Travellers will see the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia, Salta in northern Argentina and El Chaltén in Argentinian Patagonia.

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