Caving in the Top End

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Looking for a different sort of experience in the Top End, then visit Cutta Cutta Nature Park just 27km south of Katherine, and delve 15 metres below the surface to discover limestone caves formed millions of years ago.

Discover sparkling limestone formations of stalactites and stalagmites and five different species of bats including the rare ghost and leaf-nosed bats. It’s also possible that you’ll see a harmless brown tree snake coiled on a cave ledge.

Cutta Cutta Caves Nature Park lies in the traditional lands of the Jawoyn people and covers 1,499 hectares of karst limestone landscape, found in only a few locations in northern Australia.  In addition to the Caves system, a Visitor Centre and kiosk, the park offers a Tropical Woodland walk, with information for visitors about the local flora and fauna.

Tours run every day on the hour from 9am – 3pm. Entry is $23 per adult, $11 per child.

PHONE: 1300 146 743


Place: Cutta Cutta Nature Park
Impression & Feelings: Adventure

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