How to glamavan right

Have you heard of the latest and greatest new way to travel around our beautiful country during the coming warmer seasons?

While the millennial desire to seek out natural, more unique experiences saw the birth of glamping – or luxury camping – it has also produced an even more exciting and innovative travel trend – Glamavanning.

This new wave of luxe travel is undergoing a renaissance, reinventing itself to and opening the door to new bespoke travel experiences. A glamavan seamlessly combines the humble caravan with a touch of style. Discovery Parks, Australia’s leading tourist holiday park, has uncovered the top caravanning and camping expert tips on the five simple ways to glam up your caravan. Check them out below!

Find inspiration

First things first, look for some vanspo. There is no doubt that the benefit of creating your own living space is that you can tailor it to your personal taste. Right now, the internet is awash with amazing ideas for kitting out your home home away from home. Jump onto Pinterest or the vanlife hashtag on Instagram to get some ideas, and then try your hand at creating a theme for your van. Don’t forget, inspiration is everywhere, whether it is a Byron Bay feel, a Beachy Bondi vibe or a nod to Melbourne’s sophisticated arts scene, there are plenty of amazing styles you can choose from.

Less is more

Let’s face it, decorating is by far the best part of the renovating experience and there is definitely a rush of adrenaline from the mental picture of your cosy space coming together. Beware of going overboard in the fun of it all and remember to follow the ‘less is more’ rule. This will not only save you time, but also dollars which you can put towards your next glamavan holiday. Maintaining functionality will also ensure you will always be able to completely kick back when travelling.

Don’t be afraid to invest

Your glamavan will be the centre of many of your memories (and Instagram snaps!) so go ahead and invest some time. After all, it will your home base wherever you go. Put aside a weekend and rally your family and friends to help you completely transform the van inside and out. What needs to happen? Throw on a fresh coat of paint, replace the floors and reupholster the couches. You could even splurge a little on a new fridge and kitchen appliances. If you’re looking for extra glam, add a TV and hook up some Wi-Fi so you can Netflix from anywhere in Australia. All of the effort is worth it to create a cosy living space that will be a travel buddy for years to come.

Personalise it

Make your glamavan a home away from home. Feel free to add some books, candles, photographs or music to the space to create a sanctuary to come back to between holiday activities. Vans are perfect for all the animal lovers out there who can’t fathom going on a trip without their furry best friend. Add a dog bed so your doggo can be part of the fun. To take advantage of good weather days, create a place to store a hammock and some camping chairs and table. Just like that, you’ve extended the living space outdoors!

Enjoy the ride

Transforming your caravan into a glamavan will be a ball. Blood, sweat and tears will go into this mini-renovation, which you will create everlasting memories in. Make sure to take time to relax during the process, because you can re-decorate your van whenever you want to.

The very best part of the ride though, is the places your van will take you. The most glam part of a trip is usually the amazing sights you will see. Discovery Parks caravan-friendly holiday parks are the perfect place to show off your van and relax in style.


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