ecococoon stainless steel cups

Why you need it

A good set of drinking cups are essential when camping or travelling on the road. The ecococoon stainless steel cups are a great set, that pack into a tidy bag for protection and space.


The 4 cup set includes high polished plain/coloured cups with electro-polished inner plus a colourful cuddler (neoprene material) which is perfect for storing and transporting your cups. The stainless steel means the drink will stay hot or cold longer.

Why you will love it

The cups are durable, versatile and essential for everyday use, pop them in your backpack, leave a set in the car glovebox or use for outdoor activities like camping, glamping or picnics.

Why you will hate it

At first they were packed together tight and it took a lot of pulling and leverage from a knife to manipulate them to come apart.



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