ecococoon ICONSPEAK bottles

Why you need it

Water is essential when on the road travelling, making a water bottle your best friend. A reusable water bottle cuts back on cost and most of all, plastic waste. The ecococoon ICONSPEAK bottles are not only a funky looking bottle, with the ICONSPEAK images a universal language that can help when you don’t speak the same language, but they keep your drink hot or cold as needed.


Unlike other products on the market, ecococoon bottles feature a unique no leak ‘cocooncap’ which consists of a mouthpiece and lid. The innovative ‘cocooncap’ mouthpiece is an ingenious design that features a one-way valve, will never leak and is the most hygienic, convenient and simple way to enjoy your beverage. Constructed from 18/8 stainless steel, ecococoon vacuum insulated bottles are built to last and keep cold drinks chilled for 24 hours and warm drinks hot for 12 hours. No condensation means no messy pools of water or slippery bottles in your handbag or backpack.

Why you will love it

It does everything you need in a water bottle. The stainless steel means the water will stay nice and cold, something you will be thankful for after a long hike or a hot day on the beach. Using the ICONSPEAK can also be lots of fun and a great ice breaker when meeting people.

Why you will hate it

You will only wish there are more icons on the ICONSPEAK so you can make a real story out of it.

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