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Expedition Cruising

Get a taste of exploration and adventure in off-the-beaten-path with expedition cruising. Expedition ships are small, with shallow drafts, and are able to inch closer to those less-visited, out-of-the-way ports or scenic wonders. What a way to roam in the wild than on an expedition ship.

Aranui itineraries to Every Corner of French Polynesia and beyond

  • Editor | Kate Webster
  • August 19, 2019

Tahitian cargo cruise line Aranui Cruises has added three itineraries to its 2021 program, taking guests to 11 new island destinations including the cruise line’s maiden voyage to the Cook Islands, an expanded Pitcairn itinerary and the first dedicated Society Islands cruise. The bumper 2021 program features 21 scheduled cruises around the South Pacific on…

Explore Galápagos with Lindblad

Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic has made it easier
than ever for travellers to visit the stunning natural oasis that is the Galápagos
with the launch of an incredible fly free offer available…

Women of the Arctic Expedition

Natural World Safaris has announced the launch of the all-female guided expedition to Svalbard in August 2019.

The first Arctic expedition of its kind, guests will join a trio…

Rooftop glamping experience at sea

Celebrity Cruises has introduced a rooftop glamping experience on the top deck of its soon-to-be-launched luxury yacht designed exclusively for the Galapagos Islands.

Making its debut in May 2019, the…